Physiotherapy Assessment

Greg has worked as a Spinal Extended Scope Practitioner, assessing patients with complex muscular, joint and spinal pain. With all clients, he draws upon the clinical experience gained from this role, providing:

1. Specialist spinal and peripheral musculoskeletal assessment

2. Liason with Orthopaedic Spine, Rheumatology and Pain Service Consultants as required

3. Awareness to request targeted investigations when needed (such as MRI scans, X-Rays, and blood tests).

Conditions Treated

Greg provides assessment and management of sports injuries / repetitive strain / persistent chronic symptoms affecting your back, upper limb (shoulder/arm/hand) or lower limb (hip/knee/foot).

Commonly treated conditions include: Tendinopathy / Ligament Sprain / Shoulder Impingement / ACL Injuries / Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow / Osteo Arthritis related pain / Nerve pain / Whiplash Associated Disorder / Chronic Back Pain

Treatments Available

Greg draws upon 13+ years of continuous professional development with external course attendance, and a post graduate diploma in Manual Therapy.

Greg provides targeted evidence based rehabilitation regimes including Graded Exercise, Manual Therapy Techniques, Soft Tissue Release, Dry Needling, Taping, Electrotherapy, Education to promote understanding your problem and retirn to pain free function.

Next Steps…

Let’s work towards pain free function together